Recovery Porting Guide - MTK

MTK recovery porting method

Difficulty Level – Medium

Requirements –

1. Developing Skill
2. .img unpack-repack tool ( kitchen or other tool)
3. Notepad++
4. Brain
5. Little Respect

So Let’s start.......

Step 1 : Unpack both ( stock and port) recovey.img

How to Unpack-Repack without kitchen? Follow this tool/guide -->

Step 2 : Now open the default.prop file with NotePAD++ from the Extracted “rmdisk” FOLDER.
Open those build.prop file do all Changes the all changeable things what you can just like that we do when PORTING ROM.
Then COPY the ueventd, meta & factory files those are in (.vc) FILES from the STOCK “rmdisk” FOLDER to PORT…

Step 3 : FROM rmdisk>etc FOLDER open recovery.fstab FILE with NP++ .... REPLACE the from your Stock block with PORT mmcblk ……If you want replace with StockRecovery rmdisk>res>recovery.fstab or with workable RECOVERY. JUST replace the emmc block . If you dont know your phone’s emmc block then dont do this. It maybe harmful.

Step 4
 : Now all the works for POTING is now Finished..... Repack the port recovery .img . Flash it. Enjoy. 

NOTE : works with CWM based Recoverys like- CTR, COT. Other may not work.



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