Monday, 27 June 2016

OctOS M - MT6592

Team OctOs is an Android Open-Source Project utilizing Android 6.0.1 (AOSP) and CyanogenMod code bases.

Can’t wait to see what’s new? Proceed to the changelog section.

Team OctOs was formed on a few core beliefs. The ROM had to be something we’d run, reliable, and customization by the user to the level of their desire.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Supported Devices, the License under which we live by, our ChangeLog, and the Team OctOS team.

Changelog :-

New ambient display
hotspot fixed
gps fixed
fm added
battery improved
minor stability improvements

Screenshots :-

Bugs :-

2G/3G Switch
Data on 2nd sim (Works on some carriers)

Download :-

ROM :-

Gapps :- (use ARM/6.0)

Sound Patch :-

A310 Patch :-

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Is this Android 6 (Marshmallow)?
A: Yes, this is Android 6.0

Q: What code is Oct-M based on?
A: Starting with Oct-M, we've rebased OctOs to AOSP code.

Q: What happened to CM?
A: All Android code is based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Those who remember when we originated would know we where AOSP sourced. We are returning to those roots

Q: Why isn't there XXXXXXX feature.
A: Shoot us a Suggestion if you want to see something added. While we are not going to promise to implement, we will always look into it

Q: But CM and all the others have..
A: ROM developers, including CM, build something they want to use. The ROM developer that includes something they won't run implies less than 100% effort to ensure it does work. As a team, we have similar goals and objectives. If XYZ ROM has a feature you want, and we don't include (or don't want to include), feel free to use XYZ ROM, or build your own custom version of Oct-M.

Q: Superuser or SuperSU?
A: Team OctOs uses SuperSU and is installed automatically.

Credits :-

Himura Rudyanto-Tj
Edi Purwanto
Betha Supaat
Aulia Adipati
Wawan Priyanto
Team Janda Lofers
Fire855 (K1 source)
John Reniel Caluag
Christopher Mark Payat
CM team


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