Monday, 27 June 2016

Temasek CM12.1 - MT6592

ROM Features
- All CM 12.1 features
- Super smooth
- Battery backup is superb, battery now lasts for very long period
- Video recording working in stock camera
- USSD working
- GPS working
- VPN working
- Sensors working
- Bluetooth transfer working
- Hotspot working
- 1080p video playback
- FM Radio (only in headphones)
- Stability improvements
- Includes better ram management high Antutu scores
- Included c-apps
- TDRS (dark mode )
- Navigation Keys on and off
- Change colors of notification drawer as you whish
- Based on r34 build
- Temasek spare parts and more customisations like dark mode 
- Fixed Settings fc
- No longer need to reboot for apps to appear in App drawer
- No network drops
- And much more, everything which you expect to get working in your stock rom is working in this build of CM 12.1


404 No Bugs found
Bug fixes in version 2:-
All bugs like colour in settings, TDRS(Dark Mode) ,Signal drops all fixed however some themes fail to install

Installation Instruction
- Use TWRP
- Wipe system, cache, dalvik cache, data, internal storage
- Format data
- Unmount data
- SD card default , Apps to sd working
- Flash the zip file
- Flash gapps from (Download pico package) (Select ARM - 5.1 - Pico and then download)
- Flash superuser
- Reeboot nd njoy


Review@Prasad Patil 


version 1:

version :2

A310 users flash this patch:-

Sound Patch :-


- Rohan Taneja
- Teamsek
- Cyanogen Team 
- @ND Me

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