Sunday, 24 July 2016

[HACK] Pokemon GO MOD - Play It In Home Without Moving Outside [HACK]

        Pokémon GO Controls is an Xposed module lets you add a 4 way controller to the game and lets you move around the map without having to actually walk around by providing fake GPS location to Pokémon GO.

Note :   If you try to jump too far or try to skip countries in the game, your Pokemon GO account may get banned. The app developer is not responsible for anything that happens to your Pokémon GO account.

Requirements :-


• Download and activate in Xposed installer.
• Reboot the device to complete activation.
• Go to Settings>Developer Options>check Allow Mock Location.
• If you are on Android 6 or above, please grant Location and Draw over other apps permissions.
• In location settings, change Mode to Device only/GPS only.
• Press and hold on the Map to set your initial location.
• Press the play button to display the controls, you can drag it around screen by holding on the right or left of the N button.
• Long press the N button to stop the service.



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