Wednesday, 28 September 2016

[AOSP][OMS/SUBSTRATUM] CandySIX v3.2.S r68 - MT6592

> This is CandySiX. Built straight from source with commits from a variety of different    Sources/ROMS. We wanted to give the users a fun, fully customizable ROM. We aim    to add more features as this project progresses. 

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Disclaimer: We here at The CandyShop are not responsible for any bricks you may obtain. Please follow the thread rules and steps and everything will be gravy. Remember, backing up before flashing is always recommended. 


Choose from CMTE or OMS
Battery bar
LCD denisty options
Status bar customization
Quick setting customization
Quick setting pull down options
Force expand notifications
Time context headers in panel
DarkUI switch
Advanced power menu
Extra IME options
In-Call vibration options
Lockscreen customizations
****-Music visualizer
****-Power menu
****-List view
Navbar customization:
****-Navbar DPI
****-DT2S on Navbar
On the go mode
Screenshot crop amd share
CPU info overlay (Developers options)

More to come, we are never done...

Changes :-

> Manually Updated to r68 (MTC20L)
> Camera fc after few clicks fixed
> Inverted video recording issues fixed
> New FM app added and working
> Gps completely fine
> Substratum Working
> Offine Charging Animation fixed
> Totally stable like cm13


Bugs :-

> VPN , Switch

Tirth Patel (Built from Source and Fixed All bugs)
fire855 (for MTK codes)


Founding members


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