Tuesday, 13 September 2016

[STABLE][AOSP/Substratum/DUI] Zephyr-OS V5.0 (UBERTC) - MT6592

Zephyr-OS is all about new features and looks! This beauty's inner beast gives you high performance at both smoothness and battery backup! Our team is constantly trying to improve this ROM at every aspect! You can except more from this ROM in the future updates!

Features :-

-Carrier Label customisations
-DT2S on statusbar/lockscreen
-Quick Pulldown
-AOSPA battery styles
-Clock & Date customisation
-Network Traffic indicator
-status bar brightness control
-Task Manager

-DT2S on navbar
-recents panel search bar toggle
-Clear all recents fab (top right/left/center,bottom right/left/center)
-Hardware buttons action( for HWnavkeys  devices only)
-Disable HWKeys
-Longpress recents button to switch between apps
- DUI [Smartbar/Fling/Pulse]
- Pulse advanced customization

-Middle Lockscreen shortcuts(Custom apps)
-Quick unlock
-Music seek control when screen locked
-Volume rocker wake
-LockScreen Music Visualizer
-Music Visualizer custom colors
-LockScreen bottom shortcuts
-LockScreen Weather Customizations

-Customize quick settings tiles(add/delete/rearrange)
-Brightness slider toggle
-Advanced QS location tile
-Vibrate on touch
-Four tiles per row toggle
-toggle status bar icons
-Time contextual Headers
- Disable Quick Settings in secured lockscreen
-Added all the required tiles

- Statusbar blur
- Quick Settings Panel Blur
- Notifications Blur
- Expanded StatusBar Blur
- Recent Apps Blur

-GESTURES (Hand Wave/Pocket mode)
-Heads-up toggle
-Dashboard switches
-SUBSTRATUM for theming
-Per app expanded desktop control
-Multi window mode
- Paranoid Android's Floating Window
- Per app floating window control
-light and dark theme toggle
-Download Speeds for your downloads
-Ability to pause/resume downloads
-Custom Ambient Display settings
-AppOps/Privacy Guard
-Reset Battery Stats option


V4.2 Changelog
- removed HALO (has caused enough touble already) 
- Fixed Apps usage access section
- Fixed draw over apps permissions
- Implemented BLUR UI for statusbar/header/qs panel/notifications
- added substratum QS Tile
- Updated Substratum 
- ability to enlarge first row
- Fixed wifi and BT tile repositioning (Now you shall add any tile in place of wifi and bluetooth tiles)
- Fixed Task manager position after removal of HALO

- Disable DARK MODE from settings > display
- Flash THEME READY GAPPS to see your google apps get themed properly 

Zephyr-OS 4.3 UPDATE Changelog:-
- Updated to Android-6.0.1_r61
- Added HALO from Paranoid Android
- fixed position of Halo and task manager
- Fixed touch events when halo is activated
- nuked email app (use gmail/inbox) from playstore ;)
- Added Task Manager
- Added New QS tiles(sync/music/floating peek/ambient display/battery saver/expanded desktop)
- Updated Prebuilt Substratum app
- fixed kernel auditor FC on dashboard tile
- reorganized dashboard tiles 
- Fixed Circle battery animation(thanks to SriSurya95)
- Android N style Notifications 
- Updated New wallpapers

Zephyr-OS V5.0-Sentinel UPDATE Changelog:-
- Added Recents BLUR 
- LockScreen Weather Customizations 
- Dashboard Columns(one/two/three) 
- Dashboard tileview double lines toggle 
- Dashboard tileview dividers toggle 
- Toggle dashboard switches (wifi/bluetooth/Cellular data) 
- Disable FC notifications toggle (present in developer's options) 
- Selinux Switch (present in developer's options) 
- Added Now on tap for hardware keys 
- Added New LCD Density Changer(DPI) 
- Fling: Trails width configuration 
- Added support for VoLTE (Not sure if it works yet) 
- Poly Optimizations/Memory Sanitize optimizations 
- New icon for Fling QS tile 
- Long press Torch Tile to open Camera 
- Adapted Lockscreen to play nice with Day and Night

Changes :-

> Fixed AOSP shits on 92
> Fixed Camera can't connect after some clicks
> Fixed Inverted video recording Issues
> Fixed and Added New FM app
> Updated to r66 (MOB31E)
> fire855's stability patches merged



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