Sunday, 30 October 2016

[ROM][STABLE] Temasek's CM13 v11_r72 - MT6592

Temasek ROM is one of best ROMs out there.It has all required features you would like to have with stability of CM base.All features cherry-picked from many sources including AOSP, crDroid, OmniROM, SlimROM, LiquidSmooth, SpasilliumNexus, DirtyUnicorns, NamelessROM, AICP, Euphoria-OS, TeamBliss, PAC, etc.


Compiled with Ofast and custom flags
Call recording
Floating Windows
Ambient Display
Statusbar Customizations
Clock Alignment
Battery Settings
Tile Animation Styles
Custom Header image
Gello Browser
Charging animations
Dotted circle battery settings
Battery colours
Battery bar
Statusbar greeting
Network Traffic
Statusbar Brightness control
Breathing Notifications
Quick Pull down
Smart Pull down
Quick Settings Management
DPI Settings
Live Display
Smart cover options
Lockscreen weather
Lockscreen colours
Middle and bottom shortcuts
Button Settings
Navigationbar customization
Slim PIE
Gesture Anywhere
Navigation ring Targets
Animation Controls
Slim Recents
Omni Switch
Recents RAM Bar
HeadsUP Settings
App circle sidebar
Apps sidebar
many more....

What's working ?

> Camera + Video Reacording Working Perfectly
> New FM app added
> Fire855's latest patches merged
> PA browser added
> No Need to reboot for apps to apear in app drawer
> Hotspot Fixed
> BT Fixed
> FM fixed
> GPS fixed
> Data working
> 1080p playback in gallery fixed
> youtube 720p fixed
> youtube live playback fixed
> Gello browser added
> No Sim fixed
> No Network drop found
> USSD Fixed
> Autorotation Fixed
> All sensors working
> After Reboot QuickSetiings Too
> Rest Are As CM13
> Too many features

Changes :- (Compared to my previous build)

> Updated to r72
> New FM app
> Fixed carrier name instead of number in notification drawer
> More stable Wifi
> More stable data and ril

Bugs :-


Links :-  

Credits/Thanks To :-
  •  Tirth Patel (Built from Source)
  •  TLS
  •  Temasek Developers
  •  Ferhung
  •  Fire855

ROM OS Version : 6.0.x Marshmallow
ChipSet : MT6592
Kernel : 3.4.67
Based On : Cyanogenmod


  1. sim2 Vodafone data perfectly working in both 2g and 3g but still in sim1 bug remain and usb debuging bug in notification also there. And sometime wifi autoconnect sometime not. So fix it as soon as posible

    1. as said before , i didn't faced any of those.

    2. So u fix 2g 3g switch in this version. But m soory to say that switching problem is there and wifi not connect automatically and also if more then 10 apps open like fb watsapp gmail etc etc phone starting a leg.

    3. i didn't say 2g/3g issue fixed, i say that there is no wifi issues are there for me. Its always connecting automatically

      > try deleting nvram folder

      go to root/data/nvram (delete this)

    4. Thanks for you revert,and i always appreciate your work but m user so i tell u what kind of bug i face And after disconnect phone with pc the debugging notification in drawer not removed till i reboot And also playing videos throw browser (chrome , uc or inbuild browser etc.) video pixel fredup in any qulity(720p , 480p , 360p)so please refear that. Thnks And is at any idea to give the nougat update for a310 and a311??

  2. Hey bro kindly remove these in between advertisements as they are not making your site user friendly and moreover upload every file on google drive.

  3. tirth bro where a310 patch for this rom?????